„Let your grandchildren know that you did something for freedom“

29. August 2012 12

Interview with Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist about the new multilingual weekly Disptach International

Ingrid Carlqvist

Tomorrow, a free test issue of the new weekly Dispatch International will be launched. The publishers defined the newspaper as national-conservative and will publish it regularly from 3 January 2013. A broad coverage and comprise both domestic and international politics, security, economy, climate, culture and much else was announced by Lars Hedegaard, one of the editors in chief. Citizen Times spoke with Ingrid Carlqvist who is responsible for the Swedish edition of the newspaper.

Ms. Carlqvist, tomorrow you will launch the new weekly Dispatch International. Please tell us why this became necessary?

Ingrid Carlqvist: The media situation all over Europe has become a threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The mainstream media have forgotten their role of scrutinizing and castigating the ruling elites. They see it as their task to educate and mould the citizens to conform to their own set of preconceived notions of what ought to be.

I believe the situation is worse in Sweden than any other European country. And people are starting to notice that the journalists are leading them on. New polls show that journalism is the least trusted profession in Sweden, only 24 percent say they have confidence in what journalists report.

At your website you talk about mainstream media possessed by elites. Why is this such a problem?

Carlqvist: Right now vast swathes of reality are brushed under the carpet because the mainstream media consider them outside their collective beliefs and thus antithetical to the multiculturalist, cultural relativist, “green” and anti-Judean-Christian ideologies they strives to impose on the public.

Up until now they have been alone in setting the agenda and therefore Dispatch International will come as a shock to them. They will do all in their power to discredit us. They will lie about us and try to scare people into believing that our newspaper is racist and xenophobic. But they won’t succeed, the truth is always more powerful than the lie and I think the Europeans are dying for some truths now.

Dispatch International will be published in Danish, Swedish, English and German simultaneously. Is there a special reason for these four languages?

Carlqvist: Swedish and Danish are givens since Lars is Danish and I’m Swedish. English is the biggest second language in Europe and many people can read and understand it and of course it works in the USA, Canada and Australia as well.

German is the biggest native language in Europe and therefore it is natural to publish in German as well. Further on we will try to translate Dispatch International into even more languages but just handling four is a big task and we will have to grow before we can do that.

In Denmark and Sweden you can subscribe to a printed version of the weekly. Is there really a chance for a new good old-fashioned print newspaper in these times?

Carlqvist: We certainly hope so! Both Lars and I love paper newspapers and we believe there are still quite a few of us left out there. But if most people prefer e-versions of the newspaper, we will have to reconsider.

A newspaper costs a lot of money. Who is behind all this?

Carlqvist: The company is owned by me, Lars and Bjorn Larsen. The test issue has been made almost solely by us and with just a small amount of money to pay the printing etc. Many of our writers have worked for free because they believe in the project. As soon as the test issue is out, we will start the hunt for money. One of our ideas is to let ordinary people help us by buying what we call “Honest Press Certificates.” It is not shares, but a proof that you supported us from the beginning. You can hang the certificate on your wall and let your grandchildren know that you did something for them, that you helped preserve our freedoms in Europe!

Can I buy the Dispatch International at the kiosk too?

Carlqvist: No, you can’t. You will have to subscribe either to the paper version or the e-version. On our website you will be able to read one or two free stories, but most will be limited to those who subscribe. Without money we can’t give you the important stories that you deserve.


  1. Dr. Thomas Jackson 29. August 2012 at 14:10 - Reply

    This is indeed something that is needed. A common sense paper with nuances based on traditional European values. I support it, of course and will recommend it to my conservative and christian friends.

    sincerely yours


  2. klaus 29. August 2012 at 20:27 - Reply

    looking forward to that newspaper!
    we need a source like that, for what´s really going on in the streets of europe.
    appreciate your enthusiasm and thanks for making this possible.

    from germany!

  3. Michael Nielsen 30. August 2012 at 10:17 - Reply

    Your subscription to your newsletter does not seem to work in firefox, on a linux machine.. – just fyi.

    I wanted to subscribe, because I see the need for such an initiative, now that most main stream medias have degenerated to microphone holders for the authorities, and no longer critically analyse what’s said.

  4. rina 6. September 2012 at 12:22 - Reply

    congratulation to Ingrid and Lars..

    finally someone dares to talk about the muslims and tell the truth…

    so so needed as in general the people of the world are brainwashed with lies about how peaceful Islam is…

    we are so many who wellcome this initiative and will support it..

    specially here in Israel where I live…..
    people her simply dont understand how the European and Scandinavian people can be sooooo naive and not figth back aganst the muslims taking over their countries…

    Good luck from this amazing country….


  5. Ron Denham 15. September 2012 at 01:39 - Reply

    In Toronto Conservatives…or anyone who has grown weary of left wing crap….read The Sun…and watch Sun News Network…publications like your own….who consistently say things that most think …but won’t say.Political correctness and “the looney left“ are destroying my country…and people who speak thier mind are branded “racists“.I fear for the future of my Grandchildren….this country is going to Hell in a handbasket…fast.

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